Born in 1985, Alice has dedicated her life to music in a variety of fields. After graduating in Piano Performance with M° Michele D’Ambrosio, she continued her studies with M° Adolfo Barabino in London. After singing in choirs such as Coro Città di Roma, Modus Ensemble and the Italian National Youth Choir for several years, she started developing her own vocal research as a soloist under the guidance of M° Eleonora Bruni, exploring extreme vocals (growl), overtone singing and different singing styles (musical theatre, pop, rock, electronic music) and is now continuing her ongoing training with M° Angharad Davies. Her original show Alice in Musical has been in Roman theatres for two seasons now with great audience reception. From 2010 to 2013 Alice was also a member of an intrepid a cappella trio, Le Sparole, which toured Italy with a musical cabaret show, winning third prize in the Senza Filo Music Contest in Pisa.

Alice specialised in Music Education in Rome, focusing on Music for Early Childhood (0-6 years old) and Instrumental Teaching based on Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory. She enjoys teaching immensely and believes in the power of a good teacher-student relationship, as constant dedication is required in order to fully communicate with a student and help students achieve results they can be proud of. She is now teaching music education for young children and piano to students of all levels in Cardiff.



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