A song to sing during the darkest days of winter

When I lived in Norway the sun didn’t rise for three full months over the winter. It was a long and heavy three months. It was the 19th of February when we saw it again and I couldn’t have been more surprised by my reaction in that precise moment: we were given bread and jam in our school canteen and then went outside to see the rising sun. The rising and setting of it altogether took something like three minutes and half, but in those three minutes we cried all the tears we could find in our bodies. It was so beautiful.

Grieg composed Vaaren, Spring, to represent that feeling of ecstasy, surprise and happiness of the coming back of springtime. Although the piece is a happy one, it strikes  on some sad chords as well, maybe because we know we have to go through winter to see spring again and then, invariably, springtime always comes back.

I find this piece utterly beautiful, and the chords’ build-up works so perfectly one is tempted to forgive Mr. Grieg for using an insane amount of sharps. 😉


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