Christmas time in the life of a musician


As Christmas is approaching life as a musician gets trickier to tackle. Every year I end up thinking it’s the worst season for our work category and every year it gets harder.

  • Christmas concerts. What school doesn’t want a Christmas concert? Obviously we want one too! Several issues arise with this in the forms of questions to the music teacher like “Why can’t my 2 years old son be the main character?” (because he’s 2, shouldn’t even be performing because that kind of pressure is nothing a 2 year old could want and even if you don’t care about psychological development in early childhood he has had a total of two music foundation lessons in which he didn’t even sing, so how am I going to put up a musical show with a mute main character?  Also, if you leave him alone, he’ll probably turn out to be a great singer in a few years, but please, leave him alone! Just saying) or “We’re very intercultural, so make sure no refrences to actual Christmas are made. No, Jingle bells is still too christmasy. No, you can’t really change the topic and talk about something else, because, well, it’s still a Christmas concert!” (Erm, ok…is that tree free? I’ll go hang myself)


  • Christmas concerts where you actually perform. Luckily the pieces are pretty much the same every year (and now that I’ve written this I’ll get an email with the music score of a new contemporary oratorio to be sightread tonight. Ah! Karma…)


  • Exams. Why would you do this to me? How about november? Or end of January? Cause at the moment we’re all shouting “dashing through the snow” all day long. Not really a good time for extra lessons or longer lessons or lessons that don’t involve some students coming in to show how cute their star costumes are. Concentration is down to zero.


  • Christmas parties. Ha! Could you come on Sunday? No, concert. How about Friday night? I sing in the evening service in church. Let’s spend Christmas Eve together! Sure, come meet me at the all night mass. By 5 in the morning with should be done with the Gregorian chant.


Life as a musician gets hard. Every single December. But then there’s this and everything is fiiine 🙂


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