This is a piece that I keep coming back to every once in a while. I find it utterly beautiful. A good friend of mine listened to this piece with me and after a minute or so she just told me to stop, please, stop, because it was making her feel quite anxious. I don’t ever feel that way with Steve Reich. To me the repeated patterns and the small variations in a sort of circular neverending way feel like a breath of life: we come, we go, we change a bit but the world survives to our passage, time continues to fly, life goes on… It is all very reassuring to me. I listen to this and I relax. It brings me to a sort of meditative state that I love and frees me deeply.

Also, it is terribly tricky to play even though it is just a short pattern, because the change in speed is really difficult to keep without instinctively adjusting to the new setting. Well done on anyone who attempts this!


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